Business Proposal

"Samberi "are ready for new commercial offers, all information is sent to the Department of Trade and is considered by the manager of the relevant goods direction. All offers for the supply of goods are considered within 10 working days after the registration of the commercial offer.

How to become a supplier of "Samberi":

  1. Download and fill in the supplier's form
  2. Download and fill out the price list. mark it for additional terms and conditions, if they exist
  3. Download and complete the price form of the proposed audit products. Audit can be conducted in federal and local retail chains
  4. Scanned documents for the conclusion of the contract of delivery. Their list is given in the information letter.
  5. Download and fill in the preamble and details of the supplier in the supply contract.   If necessary, draw up a protocol of disagreements.
  6. Collect files with information about the offered products (catalogs or product photo). Upload file-sharing service  (e.g yandex disk or google drive) and send the link for accessing them.
  7. Send all documents by using this form.

Contact Information

For all commercial inquiries:

Telephone: +7 (4212) 54-31-14, add. 568

Самбери Контактный телефон Самбери 8-800-444-88-00 Заполнить анкету соискателя