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Samberi is a hypermarket chain largest in the Far East - it supplies the retail market, provides the region with the products of FMCG categories and produces foods that can meet the demands of the entire target audience.

‘Dear partners,

Nowadays, only those who can do their job very well can win the game. We are living in the times of professionals. Only masters of their craft can look ahead with confidence knowing their brilliant work and highly-professional skills will be of demand in future. Information environment is getting more transparent every day. One can find the right people with the necessary competences, knowledge and skills easily - be it their country or any other corner of the world. The same phenomenon takes place in corporate business. Only a business run on principles of honesty and dedication will develop and grow. Only a true reliable team will be able to manage the changes effectively remaining on the crest of a wave.

Samberi is the team of professionals. Our company employs truly dedicated people eager to do their job for the better life of our fellow citizens. We improve people’s quality of life providing new opportunities and share our warmth and care with them.

Dear partners, we would like to thank you for your cooperation, open and trustworthy business relationships and the involvement in our common cause. Samberi is a rapidly growing company and we invite you to grow with us.’

- Lev Volkov, Director of Samberi hypermarket chain